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[VOLUME 15] Chapters 58 - 61

(*Note: The chapters in this volume mainly take place during the Ishvalan War.)

Chapter 58: The Footsteps of Ruin
- Introducing: Master Hawkeye, Scar’s Older Brother, Dr. Urey Rockbell, Sara Rockbell
- Re-Introducing: Zolf J. Kimbley
- Cameos: (Major) Giolio Comanche, (Colonel) Basque Grand, Major Alex Louis Armstrong
- Dead: Master Hawkeye

Scene 1 (pg 1 - 6): Flashback. After becoming a soldier, Mustang has come to visit his alchemy teacher, Master Hawkeye. He voices his idea to eventually qualify as a state alchemist for the sake of his country. At first, Master Hawkeye believes that his student is unworthy of becoming the flame alchemist, as Mustang speaks about his hopes to use alchemy to protect Amestris and wonders why someone as knowledgeable as him does not become a state alchemist himself. Hawkeye simply tells him that he does not need the funds that the military offers, completely satisfied with his research. "Alchemists are living beings who, as long as they are alive, cannot go on without seeking the truth. When they stop thinking, the 'alchemist' would die. Why, I am a human who died a long time ago." Mustang wishes that his teacher's "power" could be used for the world. Suddenly, right after realizing Mustang's growth, Master Hawkeye coughs up blood, realizing that he doesn't have more time to teach his student. He tells Mustang before he dies that his daughter knows all about her research, and that if he uses the power of alchemy in the correct way, she will present it to him. He leaves his daughter to him, as a final wish. Roy desperately calls for someone to call a doctor, when Riza walks into the doorway.
Scene 2 (pg 6 - 8): In the present, Lt. Hawkeye opens the door, apologizing for Black Hayate pouncing on him. Turns out, ever since she moved to Central, the lieutenant didn't have time to unpack. Edward mentions she heard about her new position; she mentions that she heard that Winry has been made a target, as well. She then lets him in to talk and offers some tea.
Scene 3 (pg 8 - 12): Riza notices that the gun is stuffed with blood clot and begins to clean it. Ed mentions that even though he used a few rounds, he couldn't shoot anyone with it, even when Ling was in danger. He then tells Hawkeye about the incident when Winry found out that Scar killed her parents and that he worries about making her cry again. Hawkeye recognizes how important Winry is to him - that he in fact loves her, resulting in an amusing reaction - and tells him to protect her. She apologizes for giving him the gun in the first place.
Scene 5 (pg 13 - 16): As Hawkeye finishes cleaning the gun, he asks her if she ever thought of guns being a burden. She replies that she has no right to think so, as she had to take many people's lives for the sake of the path she chose. Edward then asks her about the Ishvalan war, considering that the colonel never would talk about it. Hawkeye tells her personal account - about how during her last year at the Military Academy, she was stationed in Ishval. She mentions how strong-willed the people of Ishval were.
Scene 6 (pg 17 - 22): Ishval, during the war. Scar, as a young priest, walks in on his older brother, disdained to find him studying alchemy. His brother has found texts on Xing's rentanjutsu. Scar berates his brother's actions, obviously upset at Amestris. His brother then points out that in rentanjutsu, they believe in "lungmei", a power that exists in the earth, no matter where you go, noticing a link between it and the God of the Earth, Ishvara. He continues on to talk about "One is All, All is One", and that he wants to understand th great flow of the world.As Scar leaves, he overhears some Ishvalans talking about the war, wondering how his brother can think it's possible to be understanding in such a world like this.
Scene 7 (pg 23 - 28): In a tent, a stubborn Ishvalan patient throws a fit, asking why there are Amestrians tending to the injured. Turns out, the doctor he speaks of is Urey Rockbell, Winry's father. He insists the man gets his leg out to work on him, yelling at him that he rather be a hypocrite in his eyes than not helping those in need. Outside, Mrs. Rockbell is picking up medicine. The person who drops it off warns them that the place they are staying in will be burned down soon, and offers to give them a ride out to safety. The Rockbells turn down the offer and thank the man for his help. As they watch him leave, they think about how Winry would scold them for not coming back sooner. A couple of Ishvalan children then approach them, asking if there is anything they can do to help. Happily, the Rockbells give them something to do.
Scene 8 (pg 28 - 31): Back at HQ, an officer reports to General Hakuro about a truck of guns from Aerugo confiscated from Ishvalan merchants. It is revealed during a meeting with the Top Brass that the year has been going on for seven years by now. The fuhrer mentions that they should "start with cleaning up at our feet".
Scene 9 (pg 31 - 35): All Ishvalan military personnel are put in prison; their enrollment revoked for "assisting and communicating secretly with the rebellion". The officers yell that it's a lie, but the officer in charge of their lock-up lets them know that King Bradley put "Fuhrer Order No. 3066" into action: the deployment of the state alchemists into the war, beginning the Ishval Annihilation campaign to end it all.

Chapter 59: The Immoral Alchemist
- Cameos: Dr. Tim Marcoh, Barry, Slicer*, Lust, Envy, Dr. Knox

Scene 1 (pg 1 - 5): In the fifth laboratory, Barry, Slicer*, Lust, and a group of scientists watch over a human transmutation circle, with captured Ishvalans up as sacrifices. Dr. Marcoh looks on in horror as they are made into an incomplete Philosopher's stone.
Scene 2 (pg 5 - 15): On the battlefield, troops notice fire in the distance, amazed by the state alchemists' power. Meanwhile, a group of rebelling Ishvalans kill some soldier while giving as many of their citizens a chance to retreat to safety. Major Armstrong comes along and transmutes a large wall to trap some of them. Amidst the dead corpses, Major Armstrong sees a scared woman and elder, and tries to give them a chance to escape, only for them to be killed by Kimbley. he mentions if anyone else saw Armstrong's actions, he would've gotten a court-martial.
Scene 3 (pg 15 - 20): A gang of Ishvalan warriors are giving the troops a run for their money. A officer then calls them to retreat, announcing that the Flame Alchemist is coming. With the military out of the way, Mustang burns down the town. Before he does, an injured Ishvalan asks him why he is using alchemy to kill.
Scene 4 (pg 20 - 23): Back at camp, the Silver Alchemist yells up a storm after being shot in the leg as some soldiers take him to the medical tent. Noticing that Mustang has returned, Hughes comes up to greet him. Turns out, Mustang has a position equivalent to a major, and Hughes is a Captain at this time. They notice the look in each other's eyes are different - "they're a killer's eyes".
Scene 5 (pg 23 - 30): Mustang and Hughes take a walk and talk about their ideals about the country's future from back when they were at the Military Academy. They wonder why the military is putting so much effort into the war when there are problems in the west and the south. A trooper arrives with a letter for Hughes - from Gracia. As he goes on about her, Mustang stops him, warning him that "guys who talk happily about their family or lovers on the battlefield have a high chance of dying!" Suddenly, a stray Ishvalan sneaks up on the two of them with the intent to kill; Mustang remembers that he doesn't have his glove and Hughes gets out a knife, but in the end, the man is shot. Hughes tells Mustang that a "Hawk's Eye" is watching over them, a nameless sniper who is a cadet fresh from the academy. In the tower, Hawkeye recognizes Mustang.
Scene 6 (pg 31 - 33): At night, the boys walk back into camp and meet the "Hawk's Eye". Hawkeye greets Mustang, asking him if he remembers. Mustang can't believe that even she has a killer's eyes.
Scene 7 (pg 33 - 38): Dr. Marcoh presents the higher-ups with the Philosopher's stone. Satisfied with the results, they give it to Kimbley to use. Dr. Marcoh leaves, upset with what he's done, when Dr. Knox recognizes him. Turns out, he has been assigned to carry out human experiments on Ishvalans. Sadly, Dr. Knox then asks Marcoh, "Why am I killing people when I'm a doctor?"
Scene 8 (pg 38 - 39): Hawkeye and Mustang talk alone. She tells him about despite the fact that she was afraid of her father, she believed that his research would bring happiness; that alchemy would give people hope, and that the military would protect the future. She then goes on to ask Mustang questions: "Why are soldiers, who ought to protect citizens, killing them instead? Why is alchemy, which ought to bring happiness to the people, being used for murder?"
Scene 9 (pg 40): In a room, Scar's brother realizes there is something strange about retanjutsu.

Chapter 60: The Absence of God

- Introducing: Brigadier General Fessler, Colonel Basque Gran, Logue Lowe
- Dead: Brigadier General Fessler

Scene 1 (pg 1 - 4): Flashback, at Master Hawkeye's grave. Hawkeye apologizes to Mustang about having to take care of the funeral. Mustang says it's fine, as he is her father's apprentice. He asks her what she will do now. Although unsure, she did go to school properly and believes that she'll be fine on her own. Just in case, Mustang gives her a card, telling her that she can visit the military authorities at anytime. He mentions that he'll probably be in the military for life. He shares with her his dream to help protect the country. Believing in his dream, Hawkeye reveals to him that her father's secrets are written in a code on her back. She offers it to him, asking if she can entrust her back to his dream.
Scene 2 (pg 4 - 5): Back to the war, Hawkeye asks Mustang why did things turn out the way they did.
Scene 3 (pg 6 - 11): The war rages on. Back at camp, Kimbley answers the question about why - "Because that is the task given to us." He finds it odd that Mustang and the others can't seem to understand, telling Mustang not to look away from what they must do. "Don't avert your eyes from death. Look Forward. Look at the people you're killing in the face. And don't forget... They won't forget you either." An alarm goes off, and the troops disperse. Hughes leaves for section 18. Before he leaves, Mustang asks him why he is fighting. "It's simple. 'I don't want to die.' That's all. The reason is always simple, Roy."
Scene 4 (pg 12 - 19): Major Armstrong cries over a dead Ishvalan child, crying out for an answer for why they must continue to fight. Brigadier General Fessler yells at him to continue fighting; when he does not stand, Fessler sends him back to Central. Later on, Fessler orders the troops to charge in even if they might die. Then, Colonel Basque Grand and his troops arrive on the scene. Despite his superior rank, he rushes in to force open the battle line; soldier backing him up.
Scene 5 (pg 19 - 23): Finally seeing results with the North district, Fessler sends Hughes to the West. After a lot of fighting, a group of Ishvalans raise a white flag. The leader of the Ishvala Religion, Logue Lowe, comes out of hiding. He asks Hughes to take him to the Fuhrer, in hopes that handing himself over will end the war. Hughes acknowledges his request, and sends word to the higher ups. 
Scene 6 (pg 23 - 27): Colonel Grand informs Fessler about Logue Lowe and his intentions. Refusing to fulfill the request and blood hungry, Fessler orders them to continue to fight. Grand shoots him; the witnessing soldier turn a blind eye, saying it was a stray bullet. Taking command, Grand sends Hughes to take Logue Lowe to King Bradley, and hopes it goes well.
Scene 7 (pg 27 - 31): Bradley calls Logue Lowe conceited for thinking that his life is worth the same as the remaining tens of thousands of remaining Ishvalans' lives. Bradley orders for them to be taken away, ridiculing the Ishvalans' belief in their God.
Scene 8 (pg 32 - 36): At the gates separating Amestris from Aerugo, escaped Ishvalans plead to be let in. Back at the Rockbells' medical tent, the doctors continue to treat the injured. Meanwhile, Kimbley learns about them, impressed by their determination to "stick to their intentions". He finds out that the couple is the reason why the unit at their district is at a standstill. His superior hints at attacking the area despite them.
Scene 9 (pg 36 - 40): Scar's other has done a lot of research and has tattooed his arms with arrays. His right arm is deconstruction while the left is reconstruction. Before Scar berates him again, his fellow Ishvalans beg him to restrain himself and explain to him that with his research, his brother could overcome the state alchemists and the military. Suddenly, Kimbley and his troops blow up a part of the town.

Chapter 61: The Hero of Ishval
- Introducing: Major Mustang's party - Charlie, Fabio, Richard, Alessandra, Deeno, Alberto, Roger, and Damiano
- Dead: Scar’s Older Brother, Dr. Urey Rockbell, Sara Rockbell

Scene 1 (pg 1 - 6): With the Philosopher's Stone clenched in his teeth, Kimbley continues to destroy the area, going so far as killing fellow soldier for getting in the way.
Scene 2 (pg 6 - 16): Scar rushes in to counter the military troops and find his family. Scar's older brother gives him the collection of his research notes to take and run away with. Unfortunately, before they can escape, Kimbley finds them and destroys the area, leaving destruction in its wake. In the aftermath, Scar's older brother is able to find Scar, whose right arm has been blown off. Desperate to save him, Scar's brother puts his alchemy to use.
Scene 3 (pg 16 - 19): Scar slowly wakes up, horrified to realize that not only is his brother dead, but that he now possesses his right arm. Utterly upset, he gets up and charges at the Rockbells.
Scene 4 (pg 20 - 21): Having left the medical tent, Scar collapses in at the sight of the destruction of his city.
Scene 5 (pg 22 - 24): Kimbley and his soldier find the Rockbells already killed in their tent. Despite others thinking that the couple caused the military much trouble, Kimbley disagrees a little. "To fight and defeat the enemy is the duty of you soldiers. To save people's lives is the duty of a doctor. These people stuck to their duty. I like people who stick to their purpose."
Scene 6 (pg 24 - 26): Mustang finds the last Ishvalan and asks him if there is anything he wants to say. The elder simply says, "I curse you." With that, Mustang reluctantly sets him on fire.
Scene 7 (pg 27 - 29): Colonel Grand reports to the troops that the military has full control of Ishval, ending the war. All the troops begin to celebrate. Major Mustang is offered a drink by a group of soldiers, who introduce themselves. They turn out to be Mustang's party, who were supporting him from behind. Mustang is saddened, realizing that so many people died. However, Charlie reassures him that despite he could not save everyone, they were able to count on him. To them, he is a hero and are grateful for helping them survive.
Scene 8 (pg 29 - 34): The military prepares to return home. Mustang talks to Hughes. He admits that his young ideals were shattered in the war, unsatisfied with the fact that he couldn't save more people. It is then Mustang tells him about his ideals. "The strength of one person is limited. In that case, I'll protect all that I can... even if it's just a few... I'll protect what's important... In turn the people below me will protect those below them. For a small human, at least that should be possible." Hughes tells Mustang if he wants to protect every one, then he must become Fuhrer, and tells him that he'll support him in his goal. 
Scene 9 (pg 35 - 38): Kimbley's superiors try to get him to give back the Philosopher's stone. Instead, Kimbley swallows it and murders them so no one else knows that he has it. Envy looks on, grinning.
Scene 10 (pg 38 - 41): Mustang finds Hawkeye making a makeshift grave for an Ishvalan child that died on the roadside. Riza then asks Mustang to burn her back, saying that if she can't atone for what she has done on the battlefield, the very least she could do is make sure that she can't give birth to another flame alchemist. She furthers her reasons, saying by burning it, she can let go of her bonds with her father and alchemy, becoming "Riza Hawkeye as an individual". Reluctantly, Mustang dons on his gloves to fulfill her wish.
Scene 11 (pg 42 - 46): Now a lieutenant colonel, Mustang handpicks his subordinates for their special talents, as well as for how they treat their comrades. Lastly, he chooses 2nd Lieutenant Hawkeye as his aide, who voices her believe that for the sake of the future, she believes that soldiers must be the ones to fight for it. Mustang tells her that he wants her to protect his back, telling her that if he ever steps off the path to reach his goal, she is qualified to shoot and kill him. She understands. Despite considering himself a powerless human, Mustang promises to protect the lives of his subordinates. He tells them to protect those who below them and that no matter what, they must continue to live and survive. Together, they can change the country.
Scene 12 (pg 47): Having lost everything, Scar swears for revenge, determined to survive.

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